Custom Design Cabinetry

Custom Design Cabinetry

CabinetryCustom designed home office fit-outs, studies and whole-of-wall cabinetry for entertainment rooms are also a specialty at Macarthur Kitchens.

And as with every project we undertake, we always take pride in delivering a truly beautiful, highly functional and cost-effective solution that meets your budget while also meeting your every requirement.

For home offices and studies, it comes down to considering the technology being used and how we can best accommodate that while also providing essential work areas and storage to make your workspace truly workable, stylish and very functional.

Entertainment spaces also require careful thought and planning to ensure we deliver an attractive design that accommodates your particular entertainment system and includes clever storage solutions which can neatly hold and connect the many elements of even the most complex audio visual arrangement.

And, as in all projects, we will use the very latest in leading high-tech cabinetry solutions and fittings to create a custom-designed solution that brings style and functionality together to create a unique solution to your needs.