While it may be the workhorse of home spaces, the laundry can also be a stylish part of your home with the right planning, design and clever storage features.

As with every room, and perhaps even more so in this very functional area, how you use the space is critical in a good design.

Some people have quite a few appliances, others less; some people require quite specific storage areas such as numerous pigeonholes, while others are content with the basics – at Macarthur Kitchens, our design and plans will always be based around the best and latest solutions that meet your needs.

Another key consideration is the location of your laundry. For example, is your laundry a thoroughfare to the outside of your home? If so, it should include tidy storage solutions that will cleverly hide often unsightly laundry elements to create an uncluttered and even ‘pretty’ space people can readily pass through.

  • Clever Storage
  • Function
  • Custom Design to your needs