Walk-In Wardrobes

At Macarthur Kitchens, we believe walk-in wardrobes should be absolute masterpieces – and that’s exactly what we create for our customers.

To make sure your new wardrobe works beautifully for you, it’s crucial that it be very personalised; so we do a lot of ‘spying’ here to ensure we create the perfect wardrobe for every customer.

For example, how many shoes are there to be stored, what jewellery and accessories need to be accommodated, what clothes need to be hung and how would you like them hung?

Couples may also have very individual needs or desires for a shared wardrobe – so we look closely to address varied needs while also creating a well-planned, balanced and attractive design.

Using the most contemporary range of cabinetry fittings and features available, including cabinetry solutions with clever electric opening and lifting mechanisms and pull-down racks, we take delight in creating new wardrobes that are sheer magic and which will delight you for years to come.

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